Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snake-Oil 'R' Us

it seems that snake-oil is changing with the times, evolving and getting worse.

worse? how could it possible get any worse?

well, i've mentioned in the past how certain products very names can represent snake-oil - names like "total protection" or "total security" instill in the user the false belief that they are totally protected and don't have to worry anymore.

well pretty soon there's going to be "total defense" too.

how is that worse? well, "total protection" and "total security" are just product names. total defense? that's apparently going to be a company name. a company that has snake-oil running through it's veins, i suppose. probably not a surprising move for updata partners, the technology venture company running the show - a venture company's focus is on making money, they're buying computer associates' internet security business unit, they aren't existing members of the security or anti-malware community/industry. but they're going to be part of the anti-malware industry, they're buying they're way into it, and they're starting from a position without the established norms and ethics of either the community or industry. no wonder the ethical landscape has been eroding over time.