Monday, June 01, 2009

now read this!

there was a while there where i was posting links to other peoples blogs to help drive traffic to what i thought were good posts. i fell out of that habit, however, as it became forced and formulaic.

that doesn't mean i don't still come across good posts, but good just isn't really good enough - the criteria of "good" is too nebulous, it gets watered down and loses all meaning.

so now the fact that i'm pointing out a good post again actually means something because it's not just good - it's good enough that i felt moved to do this:

richard bejtlich's post on obama's cybersecurity speech (despite our philosophical disagreement over the classification of malware as a threat) was an excellent bit of creative re-writing of the original speech. for a moment i almost thought i was reading sun tzu again (yes, i am one of those people who reads and re-reads the art of war). if only such insight could have really come from the top like that (or at least been repeated by the guy at the top for everyone to hear).